Analisis Pergeseran Suatu Bahan Dengan Metode Holografi Interferometer


Object deformation has been observed by using holo-graphy interferometry double exposure method. The object consists of vertical steel bar fixed at its lower end by screwing it to a stable mount. The top of the bar is sup-ported by a micromeler slides.
Bel ween the two exposures of  hologram a micromeler change is applied at the top of the bar. The fringe pallern could be seen on lhe reconstruclion hologram. The magnilude of lhe deformation can be found by the number of fringes. The smallest deformation of steel bar is 5 pm, with number of fringes 18 lines. The Kodak 132-02 high speed was used in the hologram recording, time exposure is 0.01 second. The method can be used to observe object deformation quantitalively. By. Sigil Hariyanlo, Budi Sanlosa, Lely Susila; Pusal Penelilian Nuklir Yogyakarta.