Safety is a condition that must be reached constantly in managing a nuclear reactor, from the stage of contruction, operation until the decommissioning have been processed. The safety of reactor operation is closely related to the reliability of components, structures and systems (CSS) of the nuclear reactor. Each reactor’s CSS will experience its ageing that cause the degradation of system reliability level.
The G.A. Siwabessy Multipurpose Reactor (RSG-GAS) is a high power research reactor which has been operating since sixteen years ago. Comprehensive evaluation of the ageing process that is happened in RSG-GAS has not been conducted yet. Meanwhile, in general, for all research reactor types there are safety requirements from IAEA related to the ageing, even in design, development, operation and extending operation life. To start and spur the comprehensive evaluation of ageing in RSG-GAS, a research was conducted to compile an integrated Ageing Management Document to be a guidance of implementation of ageing management in RSG-GAS. From result of the current research, the Ageing Management Document of RSG-GAS has been compiled. Compilation of the document is carried out by embracing an approach of compromise of ageing management of research reactor and power reactor. Keywords:Ageing, RSG-GAS, CSS, Component reliability. By. Mohammad Dhandhang Purwadi; Pusat Pengembangan Teknologi Reaktor Riset (PPTR)-BATAN